Greek Hoplite vs Persian Warrior: 499–479 BC (Combat)
Greek Hoplite vs Persian Warrior: 499–479 BC (Combat)
by Chris McNab

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The Greco-Persian Wars (499–49 BC) convulsed Greece, Asia Minor, and the Near East for half a century. Through a series of bloody invasions and pitched battles, the mighty Persian Empire pitted itself against the smaller armies of the Greeks, strengthened through strategic alliances. This epic conflict also brought together two different styles of warfare: the Greek hoplite phalanx and the combined spear and projectile weapon-armed Persian infantry. Analyzing the battles of Marathon, Thermopylae, and Plataea from the eyes of a soldier, this study explores the experience of front-line combat in the Greco-Persian Wars. Fully illustrated with modern photographs and archival images, and drawing directly on primary sources and the most authoritative recent research, this is the enthralling story of the fighting men of Greece and Persia and the tactics and technologies they employed.

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Author: Chris McNab
Creator: Adam Hook
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

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