The Sarmatians 600 BC–AD 450 (Men-at-Arms)
The Sarmatians 600 BC–AD 450 (Men-at-Arms)
by Richard Brzezinski, Mariusz Mielczarek

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The Sarmatians - one of the many nomadic groups to emerge from the great Eurasian Steppe - crossed the Don in about the 3rd century BC to displace their western neighbours, the Scythians, in the lands north of the Black Sea. Later they burst into Asia Minor and Rome's Danube provinces, becoming famous for the prowess of their lance-armed cavalry - first as enemies, and later as allies of Rome. They influenced Rome's adoption of heavy armoured cavalry, and in Roman service they were even posted to Britain. Drawing upon a wide reading of Classical authors and of Russian archaeological publications, this fascinating study is the first major English language attempt to reconstruct their armour, equipment and tactics.

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   Richard Brzezinski
   Mariusz Mielczarek
Creator: Gerry Embleton
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 184176485X
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Publication date: 2002-08-19
Release date: 2002-08-19
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