Medieval Combat
Medieval Combat
by Hans Talhoffer

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Product Description:

The first English edition of the unique 15th-century illustrated manual of `Swordfighting and Close-Quarter Combat', written by the German master of arms, Hans Talhoffer. This volume contains all 268 contemporary ilustrations which demonstrate footwork, weapon-handling, defensive moves, wrestling and horseback fighting.

Practical combat for the 15th century citizen, complete with
period illustrations. Also listed is the settling of domestic disputes.

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Author: Hans Talhoffer
Publisher: Barnes and Noble

Manufacturer: Barnes and Noble
EAN: 9781853677069
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0760780110
Number of items: 1
Number of pages: 317
Publication date: 2000-12-31
Language: English (Published)
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Language: English (Unknown)

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