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Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a mass grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461

The Battle of Towton in North Yorkshire, fought during the Wars of the Roses, was reputedly the bloodiest battle ever seen on English soil. In 1996 a mass grave of soldiers was discovered there by chance. This was the catalyst for a multi-disciplinary ...

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JG Elmslie :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 31, 2016

Encho Yakovchev :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 26, 2012

Mike Goo :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 9, 2012

Thom R. :: * RECOMMENDED *
This is a compendium of papers on a particular group of archaeological finds near Towton. Although filled with archaeological detail that may be of little interest to the general reader, nonetheless this book contains a lot of excellent material for anyone interested ...
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—Updated Feb 1, 2010

Justin King :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 20, 2009

Keith Bragg :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 14, 2009

JE Sarge :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 6, 2009

Daniel Sullivan :: Unrated
—Updated May 31, 2009

Don Stanko :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jan 13, 2009

Jason Daub :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 30, 2008

Stanford B :: * RECOMMENDED *
Brings to light the effectiveness and affect of that most fearsome weapon used at this battle. Hammer and pollaxe. Archaelogical evidence graphically underlines the fiercness of the fray.
—Updated Apr 29, 2007

Dzmitry Malochka :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 19, 2007

Aaron Schnatterly :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 19, 2007

R. Figueres :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 23, 2007

Amanda B. :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 27, 2007

Steve Lister :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 19, 2006

Todd Eriksen :: * RECOMMENDED *
A must buy for the weapons enthusiast. This book gives so much detail and vivid pictures that you really think that you are there. They not only discuss the archealogical evidence, but discuss the weapons and armour of the time. Don't want to hurt your new, ...
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—Updated May 4, 2006

David Etienne :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 20, 2006

Robin Hood Dial II :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 13, 2006

Konstantin Tsvetkov ::
—Updated Nov 24, 2005

Chuck Russell ::
wow. great book. very detailed
—Updated Nov 15, 2005

Sean Flynt :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 16, 2005

Steve Maly :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 29, 2005

Alexi Goranov ::
A fascinating read. looking at the forensics of the medieval grave, one can truly appreciate the deadliness of the period weapons and the brutality of warfare
—Updated Jul 21, 2005

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