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DK Eyewitness Books: Arms and Armor
by Michele Byam

New Look! Relaunched with new jackets and 8 pages of new text! Here is an original and exciting new look at the history of weapons and armor through the ages. Stunning real-life photographs reveal the design, construction and workings of everything from a medieval crossbow to a pair of dueling pistols, and offer a unique "eyewitness" ...

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Larry R :: Unrated Not Recommended
Not very indepth.
—Updated Nov 5, 2010

Chad Arnow :: Not Recommended
This one was as bad as I feared it would be. The info is general (at best) and serves to reinforce some myths or is misleading. For example, they list a sword as a 15 pound parade sword, but note its blade is for punching through armour. If it's a parade sword, it's not for anything but carrying... There is much much more in this book on arms than on armour. Some of the armour shown as examples are noted as being 19th century reproductions, but are so off in look that I feel they don't illustrate the point well enough. There are plenty of better replicas and great antiques to photograph.

There are a number of good pictures, but each page is crammed with images and captions. I found it distracting to read. For a few bucks (what these titles go for used), you'll find a few decent pics and unique things. But it's not much use as a teaching tool for young ones.
—Updated Jul 2, 2007

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