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Reviewed by Thomas Parsons
I am pretty sure that Mr. Tobler and Chivalry bookshelf need no more praise from their readers but here goes anyway!

Firslty the packaging:
A thrilling sensation as you discover the massive depiction of Kal's loyalty to the duke of Bavaria on the front of the solid sleeve. Start turning it around and you see the spine of the book in a warm brown pristine leather, carefully embossed upon this the title and author's, past and present, in beautiful gold lettering.

Now remove the book from its sleeve... a ponderous work whose weight reflects the quantity and quality of the material presented. Open the book and ooh joy at discovering which edition number befell your copy! The quality of the paper is of the highest, clearly no expense was spared for this work. A handy stamped bookmark ribbon is built in for quick retrieval of "that specific page".

And the contents... Well where to start: it seems to never end! The outsanding quality of the facsimile is breathtaking despite the usual high standards the publisher has accustomed us to. Every detail seems to leap out at you screaming at you to pay attention! Every folio was painstakingly executed and the result has not dulled over the centuries: we are greated with vivid, rich and inviting colours throughout the manuscript. Every rivet on the armor, every detail of the clothing and weaponry is crisp and clear, more often than not intriguing and occasionnaly amusing (such as the "face" bucklers...).
Most noticeably the original text, in its original hand, is visible upon the facsimile page exactly where it is in the original: no reorganising or displacement for convenience of format. Then comes Mr. Toblers' transcription and translation of the texts: each one consigned just below the image of its respective original folio; his interpretations and explanations are all assembled seperatley at the end of the work and do not cut into the flow of the original manuscript: this makes for clear fluid and above all pleasant reading and perusing.

Master Kals' work has indeed been done justice in this wonderful edition!

The only slight disappointement is that Mr. Toblers' explanations - as cristal as they are brilliant to his already addicted readers - lack clarity for those who are not familiar with his previous works, that is not to say they are incomprehensible - far from it - rather they require a minimum of knowledge upon the subject to be fully appreciated. This should only serve as an invitation to acquire such knowledge!
—Updated Jan 12, 2008

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