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Das Schwert im fruhen Mittelalter: Chronologisch-typologische Untersuchungen zu Langschwertern aus germanischen Grabern des 5. bis 7. Jahrhunderts ... Nationalmuseums) (German Edition)
by Wilfried Menghin

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Reviewed by Chris Post
This book deals with Spathae mainly of the migration period. Some of the information is by now obsolete, i.e. superceded by more recent discoveries, but for the most part it is a comprehensive and authoritative work. It also features photographs, however primarily of the hilts and not so much of the blades.
The book is out of print, so you'd have to ...
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Swords of the Viking Age
by Ian Peirce

This new work fills a vacuum in English language studies of the swords made and used in northern Europe during the Viking Age, from the mid-eighth through to the ...

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Reviewed by Chris Post
Many pictures, plenty of information, a lot of stats for most of the swords. All in all, a must-have if you are interested in 9th-11th cty swords.
—Updated Jul 27, 2006

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