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Reviewed by Colin F.
On the this book is an excellent study of the history of the store houses of the knights of Malta. There are few assumptions made by the author in the use of some of the weapons which are up for debate, but the layout of the book, accompanying pictures and social commentary about the storehouses really makes this book special.
—Updated Aug 1, 2007

Fighting With The Quarterstaff
by David Lindholm

Surveying the whole of historical record, David Lindholm, a long-time martial arts instrutor and University lecturer, presents a practical guide for combat with the ...

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Reviewed by Colin F.
An excellent, clear yet highly descriptive book. Lindholm's presents the fascinating world of quarter staff fighting very well, although I believe the pictures could do with being of a little higher quality, although the text more than makes up for this ever so slight short fall.

The historical back groud of the weapon and its influence are ...
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—Updated Aug 1, 2007

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