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The Medieval Soldier's World: 15th Century Campaign Life Recreated in Color Photographs
by Gary Embleton, Gerry Embleton, John Houe

In a dazzling series of some 270 specially posed photographs, the authors recreate the fighting men of the High Middle Ages set in their 15th century environment. Noblemen and armoured knights, officers and halbardiers, artillery and handgunners, archers and crossbowmen, ladies and camp-followers are placed in realistic outdoor settings and historic interiors in Britain and continental Europe.

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Edition: Hardcover

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D. Swift :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 26, 2010

Ben Anbeek :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Dec 11, 2010

Todd Hawkins :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 14, 2010

Ben van Koert ::
—Updated May 4, 2010

Malcolm G. Brown :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 25, 2010

David Sutton :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Mar 14, 2010

Scott Hrouda :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jan 31, 2010

Carlo D. Tuzzio :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 10, 2009

JE Sarge :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 6, 2009

Martijn Wijnhoven :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 22, 2008

Corey D. Sullivan :: Unrated
—Updated May 20, 2008

Russ Thomas :: * RECOMMENDED *
This is really how it must have been ! The authors show as near as is possible, I think, what military life must have been like in the 15th century. It covers in full colour photographs just about every aspect of military life during this violent and bloody , but extremely ...
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—Updated Mar 24, 2008

Chris Kelson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Mar 21, 2008

Alexander Borum :: * RECOMMENDED *
Hard to get, but very much worth the effort to get, lots of great inspirational pictures from the Company of Sct. George. a must-have for any 15th century Reenacter.
—Updated Aug 31, 2007

Peter Lyon :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jul 9, 2007

Hugh Knight :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Apr 19, 2007

David Kent :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jan 30, 2007

Markus Koelblin :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Oct 27, 2006

Elonas Kvietkus :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 25, 2006

Robin Hood Dial II :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 13, 2006

Merv Cannon :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 13, 2006

Nathan Robinson :: * RECOMMENDED *
In this book, the author documents the life of 15th century fighting men through photographs of the re-enactment group called The Company of Saynte George. These photos and the accompanying text describe campaign life, warfare, weapons, armour, and costume. The author admits to some ...
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—Updated Dec 26, 2005 :: 2 of 2 members found this review helpful

Chuck Russell ::
even though it is rumored that the company of st george is not suppsed to use this book, imo it is one of if not thee leading book on 15thc reenacting. it shows a great detail of life, costume and armour that other reenactors have put into their trade.
—Updated Nov 15, 2005 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

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