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The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: A Facsimile & Translation of Europe's Oldest Personal Combat Treatise, Royal Armouries MS I.33 (Royal Armouries Monograph)
by Dr. Jeffrey L. Forgeng

Jointly Published with the British Royal ArmouriesMedieval fighting has long been thought to be rough and untutored. Visiions of men madly slashing to and fro and hoping for the best still dominate not only popular culture but modern histories of fencing as well.In recent years, the survival of more than 175 fighting treatises from the Middle Ages and Renaissance has provided a whole generation of enthusiasts, scholars, reenactors and stage choreographers with a wealth of new ...

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Edition: Hardcover

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James Hixson :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 18, 2011

Todd Hawkins :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 29, 2010

Craig Johnson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Feb 1, 2010

JE Sarge :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 5, 2009

Craig L. :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 2, 2009

Jason Bufkin :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 27, 2009

Noah G. :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 3, 2009

Bryan Johnson :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 23, 2008

Vincent Le Chevalier :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 18, 2008

Jody A :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 26, 2008

Thomas Parsons :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 10, 2008

Michael O'Neill :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 2, 2008

Bob Burns :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 9, 2007

Aaron Schnatterly :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 1, 2007

Matthew Miller :: Unrated
—Updated Sep 11, 2007

Eric Meulemans :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 1, 2007

Konstantin Tsvetkov :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated May 19, 2007

Felix Wang :: * RECOMMENDED *
A splendid piece of work, this book makes the sword and buckler treatise MS I33 widely available. As mentioned above, this is not a "Sword and Buckler for Dummies" book - it is the medieval document. Medieval teaching wasn't modern style teaching, so there is a companion book to ...
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—Updated Apr 23, 2007 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

Hugh Knight :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Apr 19, 2007

Jon Tait :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 7, 2007

R. Figueres :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 23, 2007

Brandon B :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 27, 2006

Thomas O'Neal :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 2, 2006

Greg Coffman :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 13, 2006

Jason Daub ::
—Updated Aug 3, 2006

Craig Peters :: * RECOMMENDED *
Forgeng's translation of MS I.33 is one of the most valuable resources available to the medieval martial arts enthusiast today. As the earliest known fechtbuch in existence, I.33 offers unique insight into a fighting method that is unquestionably medieval, in contrast to the many ...
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—Updated Jul 6, 2006 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

Alexi Goranov :: * RECOMMENDED *
A translation of the I.33 MS with the original text and all plates in high resolution in color. Very little if any interpretation though. More useful if used with S. Hand's book on sword and buckler.
—Updated Apr 4, 2006 :: 1 of 2 members found this review helpful

Alexander Hinman :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 23, 2006

Nathan Robinson :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 18, 2006

Jason Elrod :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 18, 2005

Chad Arnow :: * RECOMMENDED *
A nice translation of an important work. By itself, its value as a fighting treatise is somewhat limited for martial arts use by a novice. Probably best when combined with the Wagner-Hand book "Medieval Sword & Shield: The Combat System of Royal Armouries MS I.33."
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—Updated Dec 14, 2005 :: 2 of 2 members found this review helpful

Bill Grandy :: * RECOMMENDED *
This has been a long awaited facsimile of the oldest known European fencing treatise. I.33, a manual detailing sword and buckler techniques, is brought to life in full beautiful color. Dr. Fogeng's note's are quite valuable in understanding this work, and the layout is amazingly ...
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—Updated Dec 13, 2005 :: 4 of 4 members found this review helpful

Kasper Rind :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 9, 2005

Geoff Freeman :: Unrated
—Updated Sep 25, 2005

Shawn Mulock :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 24, 2005

Pamela Muir :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 11, 2005

Patrick Kelly ::
This is an excellent reproduction of the I.33 manuscript illustrations and is an excellent companion to Medieval Sword and Shield. If you own this latter book you must have this one as well for a full appreciation of the system.
—Updated Jul 31, 2005 :: 2 of 2 members found this review helpful

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