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2,500 Years of European Helmets: 800 B.C.-1700 A.D
by Howard M. Curtis

The book is an illustrated guide to European helmets from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance. There are upward of 100 helmets within. Each helmet gets it's own page and captioning stating the relevant facts about it. This is the first book of it's sort published in English.

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Edition: Hardcover

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Todd Hawkins :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 8, 2014

Harry Marinakis :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 19, 2013

James Hixson :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 18, 2011

Joel Scott :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 4, 2011

John Apsega :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 14, 2010

Scott Hrouda :: * RECOMMENDED *
I purchased a copy of this book sight unseen due to the reviews provided by Nathan Robinson, Chad Arnow and Russ Thomas on myArmoury. Suffice it to say, I was amazed by this pictorial history of helmets!

I will not repeat information included in earlier myArmoury ...
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—Updated Jun 2, 2010

Richard Schneider :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 4, 2010

Jason Daub :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 20, 2010

Hasan Icinmeot :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 12, 2009

Wilf Lim :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 5, 2009

Don Stanko :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jan 13, 2009

Russ Thomas ::
This a great book, especially for anyone who makes armour. 150 helmets are shown ,together with relevant details where known. Unfortunately it is a little difficult to obtain now , and therefore rather expensive. If you find it at a reasonable price, buy it. Otherwise you can buy a ...
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—Updated Apr 9, 2008 :: 2 of 2 members found this review helpful

Slawomir Ciszewski :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 19, 2008

Bodams Al :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 28, 2008

Dellys Bruno :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 23, 2007

Douglas Huxtable :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 9, 2007

Chad Arnow :: * RECOMMENDED *
This is a fantastic pictorial reference for helmets, probably one of the top two out there. 150-160 helmets are pictured accompanied by 1-3 paragraphs of description for each. Some of the helms are ones frequently published elsewhere. A good number are ones I haven't run across or ...
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—Updated Apr 27, 2007 :: 4 of 4 members found this review helpful

Hugh Knight :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Apr 19, 2007

László Töll :: Unrated
—Updated Sep 10, 2006

Nathan Robinson :: * RECOMMENDED *
This book covers about 150 helmets with accompanying text and photos. There are many pieces discussed here not commonly found in other books. The photos are often unique and at interesting viewing angles. Often, the descriptions are sparse or somewhat outdated compared to modern ...
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—Updated Jun 29, 2006 :: 8 of 8 members found this review helpful

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