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Hafted Weapons in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: The Evolution of European Staff Weapons between 1200 and 1650 (History of Warfare 31) (History of Warfare (Brill))
by John Waldman

The development treated in this volume of a variety of staff weapons in the Medieval and Renaissance periods in Europe is of importance, as the repeated success of their use caused substantive political changes. Their typology, use, and smithing techniques as well as correlations with contemporary artistic renditions, are discussed in great detail. Surviving specimens from museums and collections throughout the Western Hemisphere are used. Conservation issues are also dealt with. ...

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Edition: Hardcover

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Alex H. :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Dec 28, 2014

Paul Willis :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 26, 2013

Matt Franklin :: * RECOMMENDED *
An incredibly detailed account with beautiful pictures and information ranging from the construction of polearms to their use. Largely focused on the halberd, with some shorter chapters on other types.
—Updated May 31, 2012

Roberto Banfi :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Feb 10, 2012

James Hixson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Nov 18, 2011

Victor R. :: Unrated
Just got it today (4/27/11) - excited to get started!
—Updated Apr 27, 2011

Todd Hawkins :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 31, 2011

Don Stanko :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 26, 2011

Craig L. :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Nov 25, 2010

Chris Kelson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Sep 23, 2010

Gregg Sobocinski :: Unrated
—Updated May 26, 2009

Cyril Shishkin :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 24, 2007

Chad Arnow :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 21, 2007

Jon Tait :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 7, 2007

Alexander Hinman :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 25, 2006

Nathan Robinson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Sep 11, 2006

Jason Elrod :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 7, 2006

Brad Harada :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 13, 2006

John M :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 13, 2006

Hank Reinhardt :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 6, 2006

Martin Kopf :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 1, 2006

Alexi Goranov :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Mar 1, 2006

Craig Johnson :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jan 6, 2006

Russ Ellis ::
This is an excellent source book for most of the major classes of medieval European pole arms. Initially it does tend to focus on the haldberd but subsequent chapters discuss other major pole arm families, construction methods etc. There are also a lot of illustrations and ...
Read full review
—Updated Oct 10, 2005 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

Arthur A. Elwell :: Unrated
—Updated Sep 20, 2005

Sean Flynt :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 24, 2005

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