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The Armourer and His Craft: From the XIth to the XVIth Century
by Charles ffoulkes

Standard reference offers comprehensive, detailed record of 500 years of European armor — manufacture, materials, tools, cost, weight, and more. Over 100 illustrations. Bibliography.

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Edition: Paperback

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This item is on 45 member reading lists:

Phillip Nussle :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 17, 2015

John Newman :: Unrated
—Updated Sep 25, 2014

Reuben Johnson :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 10, 2014

Ryan Renfro :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 23, 2013

Phil D. :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 27, 2012

Paul Edward Gall :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 8, 2012

Erin Machado :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 8, 2012

Mike Goo :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 9, 2012

Matthew Kelty :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 8, 2011

James Hixson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Nov 18, 2011

Joel Scott :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 4, 2011

M J Dodge :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 24, 2011

Ben Anbeek :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 11, 2010

Todd Hawkins :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 17, 2010

Rich Knack :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Feb 26, 2010

Scott Hrouda :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Feb 2, 2010

Carlo D. Tuzzio :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 10, 2009

Sergio Luiz Marquart Roma :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jul 2, 2009

Justin King :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 20, 2009

JE Sarge :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 6, 2009

Jason Bufkin :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 27, 2009

Don Stanko :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 13, 2009

Noah G. :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 3, 2009

Russ Thomas ::
An interesting book, full of interesting facts and information. Many line drawings and some b & w photographs. The book covers all manner of armour related details, many of them small, but significant and interesting.
—Updated Mar 23, 2008

John Love :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 28, 2008

Felix R. :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 28, 2008

Randy W ::
—Updated Jan 25, 2008

G.S. Lutz :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
An interesting read, but for me it didn't reallyadd to the knowledge I was looking to expand upon, ie: hammer technique, or patterening, or other techniques to improve my craft.
—Updated Jan 6, 2008

Alberto Dainese :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 28, 2007

Peter Lyon :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jul 9, 2007

Nathan Keysor :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jun 28, 2007

Eric Meulemans :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 1, 2007

Stanford B ::
An old timer starting point with antique answers to questions about arms and armour. It still resides in my library but is not the best resource out in the ether.
—Updated Apr 29, 2007

Hugh Knight :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Apr 19, 2007

Chad Arnow :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 29, 2007

Richard Fay :: * RECOMMENDED *
This book is an intersting but outdated overview of the craft of the armourer. It includes sections about the tools of the armourer, materials, leather armour, cloth armour, the weight of armour, and the wearing of armour. The book's best features are the excerpts from actual ...
Read full review
—Updated Oct 17, 2006

Randall Moffett :: * RECOMMENDED *
Has some very outdated info BUT for anyone studying armour it shoud be examined. Some of the inside pictures are still very useful as are some segemnts in the book. It also has a large number of excellent illustrations and pictures that are helpful to understand the use, fucntion and ...
Read full review
—Updated Aug 16, 2006 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

Bob Burns :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 21, 2006

Todd Eriksen :: Not Recommended
I don't know. Lots of missing info in this book. I've learned more from Brian Prices book than anything in this one.
—Updated May 4, 2006

Robin Hood Dial II :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 13, 2006

Nathan Robinson :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 19, 2006

Konstantin Tsvetkov ::
—Updated Nov 24, 2005

Manfred Fritz ::
—Updated Oct 27, 2005

Russ Ellis ::
I can't add a lot more then has already been written. The book is a bit dated but even for a complete armor novice like myself it is fairly easily understood and to my mind seems to be a pretty good starting point.
—Updated Oct 10, 2005

Chuck Russell ::
—Updated Sep 15, 2005

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