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British Cavalry Sword from 1600
by Charles Martyn

This book is dedicated at collectors of British Cavalry Swords and portrayed in a form that is both simplistic and an informative guide that does not claim to be an academic treatise. The essential features of sword hilt recognition, the prime means of recognizing a cavalry sword, are made by photographs and descriptions of swords from the authors own collection, supported by sketches of sword hilts that have not been generally publicised, but which show some of the history and ...

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Edition: Hardcover

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Paul Draper :: Unrated
—Updated May 25, 2012

James Hixson :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Nov 18, 2011

Jonathan Hopkins :: * RECOMMENDED *
This should not be used as a stand alone reference, but will be a great supplement for anyone who studies British swords. Of particular interest to me were the many special patterns of the 19th century that are discussed and illustrated in this book. The book covers early basket ...
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—Updated Jan 31, 2010 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

William Goodwin ::
—Updated Aug 1, 2005

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