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Arms and Armor: The Cleveland Museum of Art
by Stephen N. Fliegel

Illustrated with examples of helmets, shields, swords, crossbows, firearms and other items from the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art, this volume traces the history of European arms and armour from antiquity to the 18th century. It explores themes such as medieval warfare, tournaments, the process of making and decorating armour, and the Renaissance culture of arms. There is also discussion of various forms of weapons, and the illustrations include paintings, tapestries ...

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Edition: Hardcover

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Phil D. :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 27, 2012

Paul Edward Gall :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 8, 2012

Erin Machado :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 8, 2012

Mike Goo :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 9, 2012

Matthew Kelty :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 8, 2011

M J Dodge :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 24, 2011

Ben Anbeek :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 11, 2010

G.S. Lutz :: Unrated * RECOMMENDED *
Excellent photographs, but that is really it. Not a lot of information that I could translate into my own work.
—Updated Jun 22, 2010

Todd Hawkins :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 4, 2010

Carlo D. Tuzzio :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 10, 2009

JE Sarge :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 6, 2009

Don Stanko :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 13, 2009

Jon Tait :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 7, 2007

Thomas O'Neal :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 10, 2006

Richard Fay :: * RECOMMENDED *
This book contains many nice colour photos of pieces from the Cleveland Museum of Art. The text also contains a nice overview of the development of armour, its construction, decoration, and decline. The book contains no new information as compared to similar works, but the photos ...
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—Updated Oct 17, 2006 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

Alexi Goranov :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 22, 2006

Chad Arnow :: * RECOMMENDED *
This is a fairly nicely done catalogue of just what its title suggests. :) It is well-illustrated and the text is relatively informative. Museum catalogues can be an important source of information, though many lack good info. This is one of the better ones out there.
Read full review
—Updated Jul 5, 2006

Robin Hood Dial II :: Unrated
—Updated Apr 13, 2006

Steve Maly :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 19, 2006

Konstantin Tsvetkov ::
—Updated Nov 24, 2005

Patrick Kelly ::
Not bad. Once again overly basic in it's content and almost travel brochure-like in it's real content. Nice photographs but not really exciting in it's actual informative value.
—Updated Aug 1, 2005 :: 1 of 2 members found this review helpful

Nathan Robinson ::
—Updated Jul 23, 2005

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