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Italian Rapier Combat: Ridolfo Capo Ferro's 'Gran Simulacro'
by Ridolfo Capo Ferro, Ridolfo Capoferro

This beautifully-illustrated and detailed book presents one of the world's most influential fencing treatises. Ridolfo Capo Ferro was a legend in his own lifetime and his intricate and exact instructions were copied and emulated throughout a Europe bewitched by this Italian's grace and style. The manual, illustrated with 43 striking illustrations, gives a very real flavour of the panache of this expert in swordsmanship and mastery of that most lethal of weapons - the rapier. ...

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List Price: $45.00

Edition: Hardcover

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James Hixson :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 18, 2011

Bradley C. :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Mar 29, 2009

Jason Bufkin :: Unrated
—Updated Feb 27, 2009

Randy Bublitz :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Nov 2, 2008

Dietrich Dellinger :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Jun 25, 2007

Konstantin Tsvetkov :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated May 19, 2007

RIchard Lynch :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 15, 2007

Tom Umland :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 4, 2006

Pamela Muir :: Unrated
—Updated Jul 26, 2006

Craig Peters :: Unrated
—Updated Mar 3, 2006

Nicholas Avellaneda :: Unrated
—Updated Dec 9, 2005

Bob Burns :: Unrated
—Updated Oct 22, 2005

David Black Mastro ::
It's about time that a modern English version of Capo Ferro's classic rapier text was put into print. We should all give a hearty "thank you" to Jared Kirby, Maestro Ramon Martinez, and Maestra Jeanette Acosta-Martinez. Having the translation done by expert fencers is a big bonus.
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—Updated Sep 6, 2005 :: 1 of 1 members found this review helpful

Shawn Mulock :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 24, 2005

Daniel Parry ::
Beautifully illustrated and informative on the techniques of early rapier fencing
—Updated Aug 10, 2005

James Holczer ::
This translation is a must have for any serious student of the rapier. The work that went into bringing this piece of history to life is nothing short of amazing. Cappo Ferro techniques are explained quit clearly and the plates leave little room for error. This book contains ...
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—Updated Aug 9, 2005

Allen Johnson :: Unrated
—Updated Aug 9, 2005

Bill Grandy ::
It is quite a pleasure to have this work finally available in hardback print, having worked with online translations for years before it's arrival. Capo Ferro's work is an important text in Italian rapier, and this book makes his work easily accessible. Jared Kirby deserves praise ...
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—Updated Jul 25, 2005 :: 2 of 2 members found this review helpful

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