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Arms And Armour In Antiquity And The Middle Ages (Medieval Military Library)
by Charles Boutell

Numerous illustrations, many from sources now lost, back up a detailed discussion of world-wide developments in armor from the earliest times, and weapons from the Stone Age to early firearms and cannon.

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Edition: Paperback

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Paul Edward Gall :: Unrated
—Updated Nov 8, 2012

Scott Hrouda :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 31, 2010

Don Stanko :: Unrated
—Updated Jan 13, 2009

J Macphee :: * RECOMMENDED *
—Updated Nov 8, 2006

Richard Fay :: Not Recommended
The text of this book is horribly outdated, talking over and over about the terrible weight of armour. The appendix written by the translator deals with some of the various faults in the main text, but not all. The illustrations are also poorly reproduced, being underexposed and ...
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—Updated Oct 17, 2006

Chuck Russell ::
—Updated Sep 5, 2006

Nathan Robinson :: Unrated
—Updated Jun 29, 2006

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