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Books contained on Pamela Muir's wish list, sorted by update time:

  1. Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women C1560-1620
  2. Art of Courtly Love, The
  3. Medieval Celebrations: How to Plan for Holidays, Weddings, and Reenactments With Recipes, Customs, Costumes, Decorations, Songs, Dances, and Games
  4. Fencer's Start-Up: A Beginner's Guide to Traditional & Sport Fencing (Start-Up Sports)
  5. Eyewitness: Renaissance
  6. Book of Knighthood and Chivalry: With the Anonymous Ordene De Chevalerie
  7. Book of Chivalry of Geoffroi De Charny: Text, Context, and Translation (Middle Ages Series), The
  8. Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries
  9. Medieval Costume and Fashion
  10. Companion to Medieval Arms and Armour, A
  11. Schools and Masters of Fencing: From the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century
  12. Pale Horseman, The
  13. Outlandish Companion, The
  14. English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver
  15. Knightly Arts of Combat - Sigmund Ringeck's Sword and Buckler Fighting, Wrestling, and Fighting in Armor
  16. Fighting With The Quarterstaff
  17. Book of Deeds of Arms and of Chivalry, The
  18. Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a mass grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461
  19. Arte of Defence: An Introduction to the Use of the Rapier
  20. Three Elizabethan Fencing Manuals
  21. Medieval Life (DK Eyewitness Books)
  22. Highland Swordsmanship: Techniques of the Scottish Sword Masters
  23. Secret History of the Sword, The
  24. Arte Gladitoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Fillipo Vadi
  25. Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Making Common Garments 1200-1500

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